I'm hungry. When do we eat?

This is another place for me to tell stories - in this instance, it's with food. First, we set the table...

My parents must have thought I had a tapeworm, since all they ever heard me say was "I'm hungry. When do we eat?" So they encouraged me to taste everything and anything that was placed before me. The proverbial 'no thank you' portion was diligently served to me on many occasions in hopes that I would develop a hearty epicurious palate. If I didnt care for something, I would then be able to say "no thank you." It must have worked like a charm, albeit, much to their chagrin at times - once I tried avocado, endive and lobster - their wallets needed to expand along with my ever-growing appetite.

What follows are memorable occasions or meals that have a story all of their own. So please join me as I share my adventures in eating with you. Let's dig in!!

xo Steph