Massage Therapy with a Touch of Creativity


I'm dedicated to engineering a conscious, joyful, creative life for myself and for others. I love working with my hands and am passionate about utilizing them to create beautiful things and experiences. Inspired by my own journey to wellness rooted in alternative medicine, I was motivated to pursue massage therapy so that I may provide mindful, holistic, and therapeutic support to others via a hands-on modality. As an artist, my approach to massage is to tap into my creativity to provide a unique and therapeutic experience. Every session is like a blank canvas to me - an opportunity to create a one-of-a-kind healing experience every time.


        Artistry of Touch modalities include Swedish Massage, Therapeutic Massage, Myofascial Release, Neorumuscular Therapy, Geriatric Massage, Orthopedic Assessment, Active Isolated Stretch Technique, Sports Massage, Pre-natal/Perinatal Massage, Chair Massage, Foot Reflexology, Hot/Cold Stone Massage, Aromatherapy, and Cupping. During the client consultation, we will select the best modality or combination of modalities for you at the time of your appointment.

SAFE SPACE SERVICE |  "Every client deserves to feels safe, secure, and comfortable at all times."  For individuals who are unfamiliar with therapeutic touch, who are transitioning, who are victims of assault and/or domestic abuse, and for those who have or have had body and/or body-image sensitivities. Session includes a 30 minute consultation prior to service to ensure privacy and comfort of the session. Massage modality and duration of service is dictated by the client. There is no fee for this service


THE BLANK CANVAS $95.00/ $125.00 /$155.00 - Your choice of a 60, 90 or 120 minute customized calming massage. This is hands-on time; allow for the session to run longer to account for consult, set up and break down. Select additional time to bliss out or to focus on trouble spots. (Please note: firm pressure and deep tissue work are not the same thing. Deep tissue is a slow(er) process and there is a minimum of 90 minutes allotted for this modality.)

THE REMEDY $105/$135/$165 - Your choice of a 60, 90 or 120 minute customized therapeutic massage. This is hands-on time; allow for the session to run longer to account for consult, set up and break down. Elect to include aromatherapy, cupping, or TENS to your session. (Please note: extra time is allotted for add ons.)

A STILL LIFE in OIL $110.00 - A relaxing 60 minute massage incorporating organic oil blends and essential oil warming compresses to drench thirsty skin in need of luxurious moisture. 

A TOUCH of COLOR $125.00 - A 75 minute massage experience infused with a full spectrum of color therapy techniques. This service includes a brief consultation prior and is best for individuals interested in balancing the chakras, expanding awareness, and experiencing a deeper level of relaxation. 

MOLDED, GLAZED & FIRED $145.00 - Muscles are ‘molded’ like clay. The body is then painted with a detoxifying ‘glaze’ and ‘fired’ in a warming wrap. A hot towel compress afterward reveals a relaxed and soothed body. Choose a Charcoal, Seaweed or Salt ‘glaze’.

BREATHE DEEP  $110.00 - A 75 minute stimulating massage and 15 minute steam aromatherapy session. This service is best for individuals who would like to focus on the breath to increase oxygen flow to the body, encourage mindful breathing awareness, or simply open sinuses troubled by allergies or blockages.

SWEET DREAMS $110.00 - A 75 minute relaxing massage to a binaural soundtrack along with calming aromatherapy and a hot towel foot wrap to induce a state of calm, promote restful sleep, and support brain activity associated with deep sleep. This service is best for individuals with high stress or who have trouble sleeping. Recommended for in-home appointments so the individual may continue to relax after the session or prepare for sleep. 

MOON GODDESS $125.00 - A 75 minute massage with a concentration on the abdominal, hip/pelvis, back, neck and pectoral regions to ease tension, soreness, cramping, bloating, and constipation associated with menstruation. This service is beneficial at any time during the month and may stimulate a more positive experience throughout the cycle. 

MAMA-SSAGE $125.00 - A 75 minute relaxing massage with extra care paid to any areas needing extra mothering to soothe moms to be, new moms, or any mom who needs a time out.

THE MINI CANVAS $35.00 -  A 30 minute express session addressing a specific area like the neck, shoulders, and/or the lower back. (Great for events and retreats!)

KINDLE CREATIVITY $299.00 - Package includes a 60 minute massage followed by a 90 minute customized creativity session. This one-of-a-kind service is great for individuals who want a genuine, unique experience to unlock their creative potential, develop new neural pathways, and make something beautiful! An Artistry of Touch specialty! This service is currently available for in-studio appointments and retreats only.

BIG DAY BLISS $199.00 - Package includes a 75 minute relaxing massage, 15 minute foot reflexology, and aromatherapy followed by fresh berries and a prosecco toast. Best for individuals who want a little extra self-care before the 'big day' whether it be in celebration of a new career, a new love, or a new beginning!

CHAIR MASSAGE $15.00 / $25.00 / $45.00 Take a seat and take a breath. Your choice of a 15 / 30 / 60 minute chair massage. Great for events and retreats!

FOOT REFLEXOLOGY $25.00 / $45.00 Your choice of 30 / 60 minute foot reflexology. Recline and let your feet get the attention they deserve.

AROMATHERAPY Enjoy the delightful aromas of essential oils while relaxing reclined to soothing sounds. (Includes a scent consultation).      

CUPPING Include cupping in your session to Increase blood flow, promote fascia flexibility, and stimulate the spindle cells in muscle fibers. Silicone cups are used with a light emollient in gentle, but deliberate strokes. Some static cupping may be used along with assisted stretching to loosen tight fascicles or regions.

THE BODY ELECTRIC Include TENS muscle stimulation to your session.. (Contraindications will be discussed prior to the session to ensure all clients’ safety.)

Special OFFERS

BFF BOGO  |  Buy a massage for your BFF and one for yourself and you both get $20.00 off your service! Massages must be purchased at the same time.

FiVE OR DIME DEAL  |  Buy 5 sessions, get $50 OFF or buy 10 sessions, get $100 OFF. Packages never expire!

ELDER WISDOM | Seniors receive 20% OFF A Blank Canvas - all the time, no promo needed. Feels good to enjoy the benefits of being wise, doesn’t it?

PEER to PEER | Are you a massage therapist? Self care is mandatory in our industry; our bodies are our tools -we need to keep them in peak condition to best serve our clients and maintain our own wellbeing. Massage therapists always receive 20% OFF A Blank Canvas.

MADE IN THE USA | Veterans and active service personnel receive 20% OFF ALL SERVICES all the time, any time. Thank you for your service!


CLIENT CARE | Artistry of Touch believes we are all unique and differently-abled and that we are all worthy of well-being, care, and compassion. Artistry of Touch is LGTBQ friendly. Artistry of Touch will not discriminate against any client, period. 

HOURS  |  All massage services are by appointment only. Email ArtistryofTouch@gmail.com to request an appointment.

APPOINTMENTS  |  For in studio appointments, please arrive 15 minutes prior to your appointment time. Refrain from eating, drinking, and/or smoking at least one hour prior to your appointment.

For mobile appointments, please allow 30 minutes in addition to appointment time for set up and removal of massage equipment. I will arrive prior to our scheduled appointment with the following: a portable massage table and bolster, linens and a blanket, massage creams/oils, and music. To best enjoy a mobile massage, please allow for: a warm and quiet open area with a minimum of 60 square feet (think 6ft x 10ft). Please move pets to another area or outside, as furry friends can be a distraction.

RESCHEDULING & CANCELLATION  |  You may reschedule your appointment within 24 hours for no fee. Rescheduling or cancelling an appointment with less than 24 hours will incur 50% of the booked service fee. No shows will forfeit 100% of the service booked.

EVENTS  |  Artistry of Touch massage services are available for private events like retreats, corporate wellness initiatives, birthdays, anniversaries, bridal and baby showers, and bachelorette parties. Email ArtistryofTouch@gmail.com for more information.

GIFTS & REWARDS  |  Gift certificates are available. Pre-paid services and gift certificates do not expire.

PAYMENT  |  Massage and bodywork are taxable services in the state of New Jersey. Taxes will be collected at time of service. Artistry of Touch accepts payment via cash, check, Venmo/PayPal and major credit cards via Square. Packages must be paid in full at time of purchase to receive the promotion.

LEGAL SCHMEGAL | Massage and bodywork are taxable services in the state of New Jersey. Taxes will be collected at time of service.

PRIVACY | Artistry of Touch respects privacy and will not share client information. Unless otherwise specified by the client, Artistry of Touch will only use client email to communicate information about appointments and specials to the client.  Any and all information shared on intake forms or during sessions, including medical history, will remain confidential.

LICENSE & INSURANCE | National Board Exam Licensed Massage Therapist. NJ LMT#18KT01298900.  American Massage Therapy Association Member Insurance #1654647.

ETHICS | The preferred nomenclature is massage therapist rather than masseuse. I am an educated, trained, licensed, and insured professional massage therapist. Under no circumstance will I exhibit or tolerate unethical behavior. I reserve the right to maintain my professional boundaries and terminate the session at any point. If the session is terminated on the basis of unethical behavior the client is subject to the full session amount plus 20% for my time.